eLearning Courses

Contact: 202-232-6749 or Opioids@HealthHIV.org

If you are looking for CME/CE credits, go to the Provider eLearning Courses.

How to Access the Courses

  • Step 1: Register for the Curriculum
    • Click the red “Get a Community eLearning Login” button above.
    • Complete the form that is prompted in the new window.
    • Click “Submit”.
      • If you already have an account: Click “Log-in” at the top right of the form. Complete the form – this will register your account for the module.
      • Click “Submit”.
    • Note: You must sign-up for a Community eLearning Login and complete the registration form via the red button in order to access the module.
    • Note: After registering, you may or may not receive an email from Brainshark.com depending on your email security settings. After registering, you can immediately go to step 2 and access the module.
  • Step 2: Access Individual Courses
    • After you have registered for the module by following the steps above, you can access the module by:
      • Returning to the Community eLearning Courses page and clicking on the module title (NOT THE RED BUTTON),  below.
        • Click the “Open This Course” button and enter your username and password.
    • Note: The Opioid Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Education module contains four sections. These sections are sequential in nature and once you complete one section, the next section will become active. You must complete all four sections of the module to receive your certificate of completion.
    • The module is self-paced. You can exit and return to the module by clicking on the module title on Community eLearning Courses page. You will pick back up where you left off.