Patient-Provider Relationship in Addressing Addiction

Open this course Estimated time to complete activity: 1 hour Audience: Providers
Credits Available: AMAAAPAANCCASWBACPENAADACCPHCHES UAN #JA4008162-9999-19-941-H01-P
Activity Release Date: September 27, 2019 Expiration Date: September 27, 2020

This module details effective patient-provider communication in addressing opioid use, misuse, and abuse. It identifies and describes models of communication, applying relevant content to the process of addressing opioid use disorders and the concern of stigma in clinical practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to name the three (3) important areas of consideration when addressing opioid use
  • Name at least two challenges to address opioid disorders with patients
  • Elaborate on at least two (2) types of provider-patient relationships


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